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Private Aircraft Rental – Rent a Pilatus PC-12

Private Aircraft Rental – Rent a Pilatus PC-12

Published 05/10/2023

The PC-12: the best-selling single-engine turboprop aircraft

Introducing the Pilatus PC-12

Swiss manufacturer Pilatus claims to sell you the best turboprop aircraft on the market when you purchase a PC-12, and it would be hard for us to prove them wrong.

Leaving the factory for the first time in 1994, the aircraft is positioned as the only single-engine aircraft capable of transporting a large volume very quickly over long distances.

Its initial success has not been denied. Since its release, the PC-12 has been the best-selling mono-turboprop with 1,700 units at the end of 2019. It is used mainly for business aviation and by regional airlines, but its flexibility also appeals to the US Air Force which has equipped its special operations forces with it.

In terms of performance, the PC-12 does not have much to envy to any other device. With a cruising speed of 530 km/h, it loses only a few minutes per trip compared to a jet.

Although beaten by a hair by the TBM in pure speed, the PC-12 no longer plays in the same category as the latter thanks to its capacity of 7 passengers (even up to 9 depending on the configuration) and its immense maximum range of 3400 km. It is in direct competition with the King Air series from the manufacturer Beechcraft (see King Air C90).

Advantages of the Pilatus PC-12

  • Economical and fast device for small groups (from 1500€/flight hour on OpenFly)
  • Range of 2850 km For reference: Paris – Moscow is approximately 2500 km.
  • A large accessible space for luggage or parcels.
  • Possibility of landing at most aerodromes, even the most difficult to access, requiring special qualification (St Tropez, Courchevel, Quiberon, etc.)
  • A very practical cargo door.
Location Pilatus PC 12

Interior of the Pilatus PC-12

The 153 cm high and 150 cm wide cabin makes the PC-12 comparable to a midsize business jet. The cabin is available in different configurations: if you will mainly find on our site the "executive" configuration of 6 passenger seats + 2 cockpit seats, there is also a version with 9 passenger seats.

The PC-12 is one of the largest single-engine aircraft, of course, but it is also much larger than some twin-engine jets like the Phenom 100 or the Citation Mustang.

The interior designed by BMW Design consists of comfortable leather seats. The finishes and woodwork allow it not to be ashamed of the comparison with jets of similar size. The sound volume is contained.

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