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The Diamond DA-62, the ideal twin-engine aircraft for regional travel

The Diamond DA-62, the ideal twin-engine aircraft for regional travel

Published 05/10/2023

Diamond DA62

Presentation of the Diamond 62

By developing this aircraft released in 2015, the Austrian manufacturer has set itself the challenge of building a twin-engine aircraft that is simple to operate and fuel efficient. The DA62 is thus a real success in terms of consumption: 14L/100Km for a twin engine capable of carrying 5 passengers! It is a fast aircraft with a cruising speed of 320km/h, welcoming to its passengers and capable of landing at most airfields near you. The passenger seats are leather and feature Bose noise-canceling headphones.

Advantages of the Diamond 62

  • One of the most economical aircraft on the market in the 4-passenger category. It even has 5 seats + 2 seats in the back, which increases its capacity to 7 passengers. Its reduced consumption makes it an accessible device: on Openfly you will find it from €490/flight hour for rental.
  • Able to land on short runways.
  • Two large baggage compartments in the nose of the aircraft.
  • A range of 2300 km.

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Diamond 62 interior

To board the DA62 you must go through two large butterfly doors: one for each row of seats (except access to the 2 rear seats which are accessible by moving the seat manually). The passengers are all seated in the direction of travel. The large central bench seat and the two leather rear seats will comfortably accommodate three adults and two children or teenagers, while a passenger can sit next to the pilot.

This central bench seat can be folded down to allow access to the rear, which can accommodate either two passengers or additional luggage. Two large luggage compartments are also available in the nose of the aircraft, due to the engines placed in the wings. The composite materials, leathers, and topstitching reveal a neat look while the large windows offer a breathtaking view to the passengers on board. Overall, the DA62 will be an excellent device for all your travels, certainly a little slower than Piper brand aircraft (see the PA-46), but less expensive.

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