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Rent a TBM private plane on OpenFly

Rent a TBM private plane on OpenFly

Published 05/10/2023

Daher Socata TBM: the fastest single-turboprop aircraft on the market

Presentation of the TBM

Daher Socata is a legendary builder. It is the oldest aircraft manufacturer in the world still in operation.

The TBM series is the last produced by the French manufacturer.

For the design of this device, speed and reliability have been set up as absolute priorities, and this is felt on board.

The production of the TBM 700 model started at the end of the 90s and met with immediate success. Its characteristics make it the fastest turboprop on the market, which will delight busy business travelers.

TBMs are aircraft capable of landing on short, grassy runways like smaller aircraft, while maintaining speeds similar to business jets that cost twice as much per flight hour.

The plane thus immediately competes with the category of ultra-light jets, for a much lower consumption. Its successive evolutions, the TBM 850 then the TBM 900, TBM910, TBM930 and now the TBM940 gain a few more knots in cruising speed with each new iteration and modernize the electronics on board.

The reliability of the aircraft and its engine block is such that in 2012 the TBM fleet totaled 1 million flight hours without any failure. The following year, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC) authorized for the first time in Europe a mono-turboprop to be used in an airline, hitherto the privilege of twin-engine aircraft.

In March 2019, the TBM 930 improved the single-engine Atlantic crossing record previously held by… a TBM 700. The New York – Paris flight lasted 8h36 minutes.

Advantages of TBM

  • More agile than the jet engine, the turboprop takes you everywhere: major airports such as the most technical runways such as Courchevel or La Môle or grassy airfields are accessible by TBM
  • The TBM is no slower than similarly sized jets
  • The device remains relatively economical to use, especially compared to a private jet
  • The range of the device is among the greatest in its class with 3200km, only exceeded by the Pilatus PC-12

Interior of the TBM

Access to the interior of the aircraft is through a door located behind the wing. This allows passengers, including those with disabilities, to easily access the cabin, but also to carry bulky luggage. The cabin is made up of 4 leather armchairs arranged in a square, with a folding table in the centre. At the bottom, there is a large storage space for luggage, while the cockpit can occasionally accommodate a fifth passenger if there is only one pilot.