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Private Aircraft Rental - Rent a Cirrus SR22

Private Aircraft Rental - Rent a Cirrus SR22

Published 05/10/2023

The Cirrus SR22: the most sophisticated single-engine civil aircraft ever built


Presentation of the CIRRUS SR22

By unveiling the SR22 in the year 2000, the manufacturer Cirrus immediately established the aircraft as one of the best aircraft ever produced. Flying magazine described it in 2012 as "the most sophisticated single-engine civilian aircraft ever built".

Its low-wing design and composite construction make it stand out from the crowd, its decidedly modern cockpit is a forerunner, and its interior design would almost make you think you're in a sedan rather than in the sky.

Its cabin, designed as a bubble rather than a rectangle, gives the aircraft a very welcoming appearance. The large space given to passengers also makes it very comfortable. Some models even accommodate 3 passengers in the back seat.

The SR22 series has been the world's best-selling private aviation aircraft every year for 17 years and is among the most produced aircraft of the 21st century.


Advantages of the CIRRUS SR22

  • A plane capable of landing at the airfields near you and bringing you as close as possible to your appointments.
  • The most economical aircraft when there are less than 3 passengers (from 300€/hour on OpenFly)
  • Incomparable comfort: reclining leather seats, 3D audio, air conditioning...
  • Cruise speed of 340km/h and 400km/h for the SR22T: faster than most similar aircraft.

Rent a Cirrus SR-22 on OpenFly

Interior of the CIRRUS SR22

Access to the SR22 cabin is through the wing via a large butterfly door. The cockpit consists of two large armchairs. The latter are foldable and allow access to a large rear bench seat which will be comfortable even for tall people. The height under the ceiling will not be a problem and the legs will find all the necessary space.

The luggage space is not huge, however. In the event of a trip with 3 passengers, your pilot will tell you not to take on more than one piece of luggage per person. To board up to 2 additional passengers, we recommend the Piper PA-46. To transport bulkier luggage, the Daher-Socata TBM.


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