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Private Aircraft Hire – Hire a Beechcraft King Air C90

Private Aircraft Hire – Hire a Beechcraft King Air C90

Published 05/10/2023

The Beechcraft King Air C90, the precursor of business jets


Presentation of the Beechcraft King Air C90

Its success is undeniable: produced from 1964 and still in production, it remains a bestseller today. The Beechcraft King Air C90 offers the perfect balance of speed, payload and range. This versatility made it one of the precursors of business aviation: it almost single-handedly created this segment of aviation where it is today in competition with the French manufacturer Socata with its TBM series and the Swiss manufacturer Pilatus with the PC-12.

The great rival Cessna has tried to end its domination of the sector. In the 1980s, they launched the C425 Conquest: a twin-engine aircraft with a similar cabin but more efficient, more fuel efficient, and less expensive to purchase.

That won't be enough. The reputation of the Beechcraft C90 is such that Cessna sales do not take off and the production of the Conquest is stopped prematurely, despite its good performance.

If the Beechcraft C90 reigns supreme in its segment, it is because it perfectly meets a specific request: an economical and comfortable solution capable of landing anywhere with up to 7 passengers on board.

56 years of development have made it a first choice machine.


Advantages of the Beechcraft King Air C90

  • A large pressurized cabin, able to comfortably accommodate up to 7 passengers in addition to its two crew members.
  • A cabin very well equipped with vibration absorbers to reduce the volume of incoming noise.
  • A cost of use much lower than Jets of similar size
  • A speed superior to all aircraft equipped with piston engines.
  • A very large volume for luggage, surpassed only by the Pilatus PC12.
  • A range of more than 2400km greater than many light business jets.
  • A reassuring twin-engine configuration.
  • Able to access all airfields, subject to weather conditions.

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Beechcraft King Air

Interior of the Beechcraft King Air C90

The Beechcraft C90 has one of the most spacious cabins in its category, as much for head height as for shoulders and legs, passengers - even tall ones - will be comfortable. The interior configuration of the cabin includes 4 comfortable seats established in a square. The rear is available in different configurations; the most common being an armchair in front of the door and a final one at the back of the cabin in the direction of travel. This makes 6 passenger seats, a last one can be allocated in the cockpit during flights with a single pilot.

Rent a King Air C90 on OpenFly

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