Published 30/11/2022 by Vincent Kermarec

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Rent your aircraft with OpenFly in 5 steps

Last update : on 09/09/2021, by Vincent Kermarec

You can book a private plane in just 4 clicks on the OpenFly app :

  • Enter your place of departure: choose the airport or airfield closest to you!
  • Enter your arrival location: choose the airport or airfield closest to your meeting place!
  • Choose the time you want to take off or the time you want to land: the choice is yours!
  • Choose your private plane and a professional pilot
  • Enter the passengers who will be with you on your business trip.

That's all there is to it! Chartering a private plane or jet for your travels has never been so easy. Thanks to OpenFly, you too can benefit from the many advantages of private aviation.

The first European portal for private aviation, OpenFly allows you to quickly and easily rent a private plane or jet to make travelling easier.

Unlike a plane taxi service or a broker, OpenFly puts you directly in touch with private plane owners and airlines willing to rent their aircraft and professional pilots, allowing you to benefit from an attractive rate.

OpenFly's goal is to make private aviation more widespread by making it accessible to as many people as possible, especially SMEs and SMIs. More than 250 private aircraft are available on OpenFly, from turboprop to private jet, and more than 500 professional pilots are registered on the portal.

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