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How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

Published 02/10/2023

This article aims to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the cost of private jet and private aircraft rental, namely: 

  • What is the average price of a private jet rental?
  • What does a private jet trip cost?
  • What is the average cost of a private jet trip?
  • What are the different rates for private plane rental depending on the type of aircraft?

On OpenFly, you can take a look at the rental rates of the private aircraft listed free of charge and make simulations to estimate the cost of your trip. To do this, you just need to register on our private aircraft rental portal. Thanks to this simulation tool, you can get an idea of how much your flight will cost.


Location d'un avion privé


What does the price for a private jet trip include?


The price of renting a private plane or a private jet can be broken down into 2 parts:

  1. Bare boat aircraft chartering
  2. The piloting service of the professional pilot or crew (commonly known as the cabin crew or PNT)

The estimated price of a trip in a private aircraft may vary according to the following factors:

  • The model of the aircraft selected (the rental rate will not be the same depending on whether you choose a 4-seat turboprop or a 9-seat private jet)
  • The distance of its transport (The platform’s aircraft are distributed between more than 90 airports/airfields, which sometimes involves transport time to the place of departure. The longer the journey, the greater the impact on the aircraft rental rate)
  • The length of the flight
  • Variations in the cost of fuel
  • Airport taxes (variable depending on the airport)
  • Overnight accommodation for the pilot if the rental is spread over several days (this is why a one-day round trip is cheaper than a three-day round trip)

Private jet rental - Private jet rental 


How much do the first private jet rental prices start at ?


The first prices for private jet rental on OpenFly are 300€/hour of flight. This makes OpenFly the most affordable private aircraft rental company on the market.

Renting a private plane is now much more affordable than you might think.

OpenFly was born from the desire to save time for company directors and their teams. Simplifying travel, helping people to meet, facilitating business exchanges, opening up isolated territories: this is the primary ambition of our company. Since 2017, the OpenFly portal has been connecting professionals and private aircraft owners/airlines/professional pilots, so that they can organise their business trips by themselves with complete flexibility. The portal acts as a marketplace and lists more than 250 aircraft: private planes, airline private jets, helicopters, etc. with 2 to 8 seats. The rental offer proposed by OpenFly is exhaustive and accessible..

To achieve this, we have endeavoured to make private aviation, a mode of transport that combines numerous advantages such as speed, flexibility, safety and meeting the travel needs of professionals, accessible to the greatest number. The services offered on the OpenFly portal are priced lower than most of the traditional business aviation players. On OpenFly, you can rent private aircraft from airlines but also aircraft belonging to private owners who have decided to make them available for rental.




The OpenFly marketplace brings together the best rates for renting private aircraft.



Estimate the cost of your trip on OpenFly

OpenFly allows you to calculate budget estimates for the journeys you wish to make in just a few clicks thanks to its private aircraft flight price calculator. This will give you a fairly accurate idea of the budget you will need to allocate for your trip and will save you the time of asking for a quote for your private plane rental.

The overall price may vary depending on fuel costs, airport handling fees, landing fees, crew costs and passenger taxes. The price you see on OpenFly also takes into account the remuneration to be attributed to the pilot and possible routing costs.

Register for free on OpenFly to have access to all rental prices, in real time. Faster than asking for a quote !

You will find below, as an example, examples of prices on trips organised by our members in private aircraft :

Examples of private plane rental prices :

Table of private plane rental prices for trips organised by OpenFly members

Route Plane Type Nbr of passengers Flight time Global cost
Round trip over a day
Brest - Bilbao - Brest
Piper JetProp 4 1h27 2 182 €
(Or 545€ per passenger)
Round trip over 3 days
Epinal - Poznan - Epinal
Piper Meridian 4 2h03 4 284 €
Round trip over a day
Merville - Valence - Merville
SR 22 3 2h06 2 197 €
Round trip over a day
Nevers - Cannes - Nevers
Cessna 177 3 2h01 1 633 €
Round trip over a day
Brest - Exeter
Piper JetProp 4 0h55 1 077 €
Multi-destination over the same day
Grenoble - Deauville - Reims
Piper Mirage 4 One day 2 160 €
Round trip over a day
Rouen - Limoges - Rouen
DA-62 5 1h30 2 890 €
Round trip over a day
Avignon - Dreux - Avignon
Citation Mustang 4 1h15 5 580 €
Round trip over a day
Toussus (Paris) - Nice - Toussus
TBM 850 4 1h52 4 250 €
Round trip over a day
Lorient - Luxembourg
Citation CJ1 4 1h18 6 790 €

Examples of private plane prices based on different aircraft models available on OpenFly :

Cirrus SR-22

3 passengers

Price per hour: from 300€

To learn more about Cirrus SR-22 : click here


Piper JetProp DLX

4 passengers

Price per hour: from 790€

To learn more about Piper PA-46 planes : click here

Piper PA46 JetProp


Piper Meridian M500

4 passengers

Price per hour: from 900€

To learn more about Piper Meridian M500 planes : click here



Beechcraft King Air C90

7 passengers

Price per hour : from 1250€

To learn more about Beechraft King Air C90 planes : click here.

Beechcraft King Air C90

Diamond DA-62

5 passengers

Price per hour : from 490 €

To learn more about Diamond DA-62 planes : click here.

File:Diamond DA62, AERO 2018, Friedrichshafen (1X7A4399-HDR).jpg


TBM 910

4 passengers

Price per hour : from 975 €

To learn more about TBM910 planes : click here.

Daher Socata TBM910


Pilatus PC 12

8 passengers

Price per hour : from 1900 €

To learn more about Pilatus PC 12 planes : click here.

Pilatus PC12


The price of a private plane varies depending on its capacity and speed. To see all private planes available for rent on OpenFly, with their rates, register for free or log in to your member area.

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