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Published 07/11/2022 by Vincent Kermarec

In this time of pandemic and lockdown, travel should be kept to a minimum. Travel for any purpose (business, tourism...) should be cancelled or postponed to prevent further spread of COVID-19. However, some trips are still essential and cannot be cancelled. Whether it is a matter of repatriation, recovery of high-stake material (spare parts for factories, medical equipment...), or to allow the movement of a key person, solutions must be found to maintain these indispensable trips, without risking to worsen the health situation. To allow this, private aviation is probably the best solution.

To combat the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, travel is still essential

The epidemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) which strikes the world since several weeks, has completely upset the transport. Today, and especially since the government's announcements this Saturday, we must expect a total confinement and potentially a pure and simple suppression of all "non-essential" travel. However, given the situation and the maintenance of economic activity, some travel may be essential.

Faced with the containment measures that we will have to observe for several weeks, it is absolutely essential to allow the free movement of key materials and people, in a context of extremely degraded conventional means of transport, and factors of propagation of the virus.

To facilitate access to private aviation, OpenFly cuts its membership price in half

Private flights can be an effective solution, while limiting the risk of coming into contact with an infected person.

The company OpenFly, a platform allowing companies to book a private or small company plane, has decided to facilitate access to the largest number of companies by dividing by 2 its membership costs.