Published 07/11/2022 by Vincent Kermarec

Renting a private plane for an affordable price

Flying private for the best price

How much does it cost to rent a private jet? A lot of people are asking the same question. We have already explained how the rental price for a private plane is calculated and have provided a few examples of the price. We now want to show you that renting a private plane for less money is possible.

OpenFly’s goal is to give more people the chance to easily rent a private jet or plane to make their travels easier.

OpenFly offers a wide range of private aircraft available for hire: piston aircraft, turboprops, private jets... The cost of rental varies according to the aircraft. For example, renting a private plane is often cheaper than you might think because the tendency is to look at the rental price of private jets, which are the most high-end and fastest aircraft.
However, when you rent a car, you don't look at the rental price of a sports car or a luxury car! A saloon car, for example, is often more than enough.

OpenFly offers the "air" equivalent of these sedans for hire, at rates affordable to SMEs.

Different aircraft models adapted to different needs

On the OpenFly platform, you will find private jets but also turboprop aircraft, piston aircraft, larger aircraft belonging to airlines... Single engine, twin engine: all types of aircraft are available on OpenFly! The platform adapts to all needs and all budgets.

These aircraft are available at prices that are generally more than 50% lower than the prices usually charged in traditional private aviation.
How do we do it?
By cutting out the middleman between you, the renter, and the professional pilot and private aircraft owner.

Benefit from the advantages of private aviation, at an affordable rate for SMEs: it is now possible thanks to OpenFly. You save time, you make travelling easier, and don’t waste your "travel" budget.

You want to benefit from these affordable rates and easily rent a private plane for your travels?
Join OpenFly, Europe's leading aircraft and private jet rental portal! More than 250 aircraft are available

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