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The 5 benefits to flying private

The 5 benefits to flying private

Published 14/09/2023

The 5 benefits to flying private

Being on your own schedule

The first advantage of travelling by private plane is the schedule. Unlike when you fly commercial, flying private mean you’re in charge of the boarding time. When you travel in a private jet or in any private aircraft, you decide on the time constraints, you are not subjected to them. You choose your own take-off time, according to your needs. You don't need to plan your arrival at the airport 2 hours in advance. By private plane, you can arrive 10 minutes before departure, and park directly in the airport/airfield car park dedicated to private flights (business terminal).

Flying private means keeping on top of your schedule. What's more, some airports are open 24 hours a day so you can travel at night.

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Getting around geographical constraints

If you don't live near a major airport, you know what 'geographical constraints' means. You have to take your car, or some other form of transport, to get to the airport, which can add considerably to your travel time. Flying private solves this problem: you don't need to go to a large airport, your private plane can take off from the nearest airfield! There are more than 350 in France and 4000 in Europe. It is estimated that every company in France is located less than 30 minutes from an airport or airfield: using business aviation allows you to take off from your home... and land as close as possible to your meeting place!

Of the 4,000 airports/airfields in Europe, only 300 are served by airlines. To take full advantage of this exceptional network, fly private!

A concrete example of this advantage was demonstrated by an OpenFly member. He wanted to travel from Angers to Albertville for a company seminar. If he had not rented a private plane to make this journey, he would have had to drive for 7 hours, or else take a commercial route from Nantes to Geneva, then rent a vehicle to make the Geneva-Albertville connection... Whereas, with OpenFly, he could simply take off from Angers, and land in Albertville 90 minutes later.

No more stopovers or connections

The major problem with traditional commercial routes is their lack of flexibility. Travelling between two major hubs by airliner is not a problem, but when it comes to inter-regional or inter-European journeys, it’s a whole other kettle of fish! This is especially true in France, a highly centralised country, where travelling via Paris is almost a must...

Business aviation makes all this easier. By renting a private plane or a private jet, you are no longer subject to the constraints of regular airlines: you create your own routes, according to your needs. And you no longer need to make multiple connections at stations or change lines at airports... You travel directly, from point to point, without stopovers!

This was the idea behind OpenFly, when in 2017 several businessmen from Brittany had had enough of having to always go through Paris for their travels, had the idea of creating the 1st European platform for business aviation connections. Their objective is the same as that of the entire OpenFly team today: to make business aviation accessible to as many people as possible, especially SMEs.

No more delays

Who hasn’t this happened to before: you get to the airport or train station and see that your flight or train has been delayed. You have also likely experienced the stress of waiting in traffic for hours on end. You may even have missed important appointments because of what you called "unforeseeable" problems. However, there is a solution to avoid the risk of delays: flying private.

When you travel by private plane, you choose your own departure time, you decide your own schedule. The plane and the pilot wait for you. The risk of being late is minimal and the risk of running into traffic... nil.
By flying private, you greatly reduce, not to say eliminate, the risk of arriving late for an appointment !

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Save time by pooling your trips

If you have read the previous 4 points in full, you will know by now that renting a private jet allows you to save a lot of time on your travels. In addition to the fact that this means of transport is intrinsically faster, private jet hire above all makes business trips more flexible, by giving you total control over your travel. You take off when you want, from where you want, and arrive at the tarmac at the last minute (no need to take a shuttle between the car park and the airport! This is even better in large airports. In short, your journey is less stressful, quicker and you are more efficient in your work because you are more rested. Time is a precious commodity for a professional.

Another interesting advantage of business aviation for your travels is the possibility to hit several birds with one stone. Indeed, OpenFly gives you the chance to book “multi-destination" flights, i.e. to integrate several stopovers during the same journey if you wish. Thanks to this feature, you can organise 2 meetings in different cities on the same day! When you rent your private plane, you can decide to take off from Brest, land in Bordeaux for a meeting, then go to Marseille for another meeting and then return to Brest. All in the same day!
This way you can concentrate your trips over the same period of time and save precious time.

One of our members made a trip to 10 different cities in only two days thanks to OpenFly!

Are you convinced that business aviation is the best way to simplify your travel and save time?

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