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Charter a private plane at the best price with OpenFly Travel, a specialist aircraft rental broker

Charter a private plane at the best price with OpenFly Travel, a specialist aircraft rental broker

Published 15/09/2023

Charter a private plane at the best price with OpenFly Travel, a specialist aircraft rental broker

Looking to charter a low-priced negotiated aircraft? A specialist aircraft charter broker like OpenFly Travel can help. 

The aviation broker is a professional in the aviation market. The broker's task is to negotiate the charter offers available on the market and to put customers in touch with aviation companies.

The concept of chartering is to rent an aircraft, whether a private jet or a large aircraft, for a specific purpose and for a limited time. For example, you may be negotiating the use of a private jet to travel to an important event, but you don't want to take on all the budgetary responsibilities or constraints that come with renting an aircraft. With a charter, the company that rents the jet takes care of this administrative part (recurring payments, maintenance and upkeep). On your side, you only have to worry about getting into the aircraft. 

At OpenFly Travel, we offer exactly this kind of aircraft and private jet charter service. Our travel agency has been specialising in private aviation for 6 years and is able to provide you with all the types of aircraft you may need for your business trips. 8,50,100 seats, private jet, heavy jet, helicopter... Our teams are in contact with all the private aviation specialists in France and Europe and are thus able to respond to your request to organise your trip in the shortest possible time. Contact us directly so that we can quickly provide you with an estimate or a quote for your next trip. 

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Group travel: charter a plane for up to 150 people 

You want to organise a business trip for your company and this includes a large number of people? No problem! With OpenFly Travel, you can rent aircraft of all sizes, and thus easily transport more than a hundred people with a single aircraft. 

Rates for this type of service vary according to the route, the type of aircraft and the date of booking... Please contact our OpenFly Travel team directly so that we can give you a quote.


Some examples of aircraft you can rent or charter with OpenFly and OpenFly Travel:


Private aircraft and private jet

OpenFly Travel can allow you to easily charter any private aircraft, from 2 seats, for your trip. If you want to make greater savings on your trip, and rent an aircraft at an unbeatable price, we nevertheless invite you to use the "classic" OpenFly service, i.e. join our private aircraft rental portal. Unlike OpenFly Travel, here you will have direct access to aircraft belonging to private owners, not just airlines, and you will therefore benefit from lower rental rates. The platform references propeller-driven aircraft, which are smaller but just as comfortable and fast as private jets. If you have regular needs to travel by private plane, then this service may be more suitable for you!


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The helicopter is the ideal means of transport for short business trips of less than 300 km. Ultra flexible, very fast, the helicopter really allows you to take off from wherever you want and land wherever you want, with even fewer constraints than an aircraft. A helicopter only needs 200 square meters to land.

These aircraft are therefore very useful for travelling to remote destinations where there is no airport nearby. On islands or in the mountains, helicopters are thus preferred.


Renting an airliner (20 to 100+ passengers) for a group trip is of course cheaper than investing in it. Here's everything you need to know about chartering and leasing airliners. 

The main advantages of an airliner, apart from its capacity, are speed and autonomy: an airliner can fly non-stop for about ten hours, with a cruising speed that can reach 900 km/h.

Airliners are generally operated by airlines.

Thanks to OpenFly Travel you will have access to a large number of aircraft of this type, with very advantageous negotiated rates. 

We adapt to all requests and requirements to offer you the aircraft that best suits your needs. Depending on the distance to be covered and the number of passengers, we charter different types of aircraft: regional aircraft (20-70 seats) or larger airliners such as an A319 or a B747 (up to 600 passengers).

This type of aircraft is ideal for group flights and event travel, such as for company seminars, conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions... But also for private events such as weddings, birthdays or funerals...

If you are interested in renting an airliner with OpenFly Travel, ask us for a quote.


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Find your chartered aircraft at the best price with the help of an aviation expert. 

We at OpenFly are experts in the private aviation market since 2016, and we propose you negotiated rates with airlines to reduce the cost of your aircraft rental. Now charter a private aircraft that meets all your requirements and needs, via our portal.

Why rent a private jet?

If you want to travel with fewer than 8 people, we advise you to rent a private, propeller-driven aircraft directly from the OpenFly platform. The propeller plane is a more accessible and environmentally-friendly means of travel than the private jet. It can be just as comfortable and fast. 

However, if your trip involves more than 8 passengers, the solution is to rent the appropriate private jet. Larger, it will allow you to accommodate all your passengers and their baggage. 

Hiring a twin-engine private jet is also sometimes necessary for long-distance travel.


Conclusion: to charter a plane for your next trip, think OpenFly Travel!

This platform is the ideal solution when you want to rent a private plane. Find your flight ticket at the best price in just a few clicks and discover all the possible routes. The world of aircraft charters is fascinating and we are delighted to be able to help you!