Published 25/05/2022 by Vincent Kermarec

Why fly private for your business trips?

Business trips are a necessary inconvenience

Between delays, traffic jams, strikes and multiple connections, business travel is often a hassle...

According to a report by American Express Global Business Travel, which was carried out among 1,000 companies in 10 European countries, 99% of those surveyed consider business travel to be essential to the development of the company.

Nowadays, there are solutions for easy point-to-point travel without wasting time and without a hitch. One means of transport in particular solves most of the problems mentioned above by making it possible to travel easily, quickly and efficiently: private aviation. 

Private aviation: the ideal means of transport for business travel

Combining flexibility and speed, business aviation is a popular means of transport for professionals. By offering the possibility to leave at any time, land (almost) anywhere and take off close to home, private aviation allows professionals to save valuable working hours by drastically reducing the time they spend in transit.

Some advantages of private aviation for business travel:

  • Flexibility: travel as close as possible to appointments, free from time constraints
  • Time saving: eliminate waiting time or time lost during connections
  • Cost-effectiveness: optimise travel by saving on food and accommodation costs
  • Confidentiality: work or chat in complete confidentiality during the flight

When you travel for business purposes, hiring a private jet or private aircraft is the ideal solution; you save time, energy and can concentrate on what is really important to you: your work.

For a long time, renting a private jet or a private plane for travel was the prerogative of large companies. But that's no longer the case!

To be able to enjoy the advantages of private aviation, you don’t need to own your own private jet: renting it is a simpler and more economical solution.

OpenFly is opening up access to private aviation by allowing all companies, including SMEs and mid-tier firms, to benefit from it. Thanks to moderate rates, private aviation is no longer the purview of the exclusive use of large groups. With just a few clicks on the OpenFly app, you are put in touch with more than 500 professional pilots and have a choice of more than 200 different aircraft, from the classic business aircraft (Piper, Beechcraft, etc.) to the private jet (Falcon, etc.), as well as larger aircraft belonging to airlines that are members of the OpenFly Club.

Do you want to give this service a try? Join OpenFly’s 15,000 members!