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Book an aircraft for a private flight

Book an aircraft for a private flight

Published 02/10/2023

Book a plane for a private flight: it's possible with OpenFly

Latest update: 01/12/2021 - by Vincent Kermarec

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Want to book a private aircraft for your next flight? OpenFly is the solution. As the first private aircraft rental portal in France and Europe, OpenFly lists over 250 aircraft of all types and sizes. From 2 to 8 seats, you will find the right aircraft for your travel needs on OpenFly.

We mainly list propeller planes, which are very comfortable and regularly used for business aviation instead of private jets. These aircraft are more fuel-efficient, emitting between 30 and 80% fewer CO2 than private jets.


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Book an aircraft for a private flight on OpenFly: how does it work? 

On OpenFly, you do not book a pre-organised flight directly. OpenFly is not an airline, flights are not planned in advance! It is a portal that connects people who want to travel with professional pilots and private aircraft owners. When you log on to OpenFly, you indicate the trip you wish to make and the portal automatically finds the private aircraft and professional pilots available for your request.

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Trips with private aircraft that can be made on OpenFly

OpenFly connects more than 450 airports and aerodromes in France and nearly 4000 throughout Europe. In other words: an infinite number of direct flights is possible thanks to OpenFly. It is estimated that every company in France is located less than 30 minutes from an airport. 

OpenFly Premium members can thus enjoy fully personalised, punctual trip with a private aircraft, completely adapted to their needs and constraints. Brest-Clermont, Toulouse-Lille, Epinal-Poznan, Marseille, Montpellier-Frankfurt, Amiens-Bergerac, Le Havre-Marseille, Nevers-Barcelona... are some of the trips that have already been made using one of the 250 private aircraft listed on OpenFly.

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The different aircraft models available for a private flight

Among the jets, helicopters and private planes listed on OpenFly, there are various models. From 2 to 8 seats, the aircraft can meet any business travel need, whether you are travelling alone or with colleagues. Private aviation is a means of transport that offers many advantages!

To see all the models listed: register for free on OpenFly. The list can be consulted freely and you can even make your own route simulations.

We have written some articles presenting the main aircraft available: Cessna C340, Diamond DA-62, Cirrus SR22, Piper Jetprop, TBM... 

If you want to find the most suitable aircraft for your trip, read this article ranking the best private aircraft available for hire! 

Book an aircraft for a private flight on OpenFly: how much does it cost?

It's a question that many people who want to use private aviation ask themselves: how much does it cost to rent a plane?

The answer is not obvious, because in reality it depends on many factors: the category of the aircraft, its size, its speed, the length and duration of the trip, the departure and arrival airports, etc. 

If you want to understand in detail the different rates of private plane rental, we have written this article about it:

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Otherwise, as a general rule, private plane rental rates on OpenFly start at 300 € / flight hour.