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Taxi Plane - Private Plane Rental - OpenFly

Taxi Plane - Private Plane Rental - OpenFly

Published 05/10/2023

Book an Air Taxi easily with OpenFly Travel 

Like Uber, Blablacar or GetAround (ex-Drivy), which have revolutionized transport services and car rental, or Booking, which has changed the way people book hotel rooms, OpenFly has revolutionized air mobility by democratizing and facilitating access to private aviation. 

Unlike most air taxi services, OpenFly does not book the plane for the traveller: it is the traveller who chooses the aircraft and the pilot with whom he wants to travel! 

A true marketplace for private aircraft, OpenFly references more than 200 aircraft belonging to private owners or airlines, and enables companies wishing to travel to enter into direct contact with these owners. 

Thanks to the OpenFly application, you can organise your own travel in a few clicks from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

The taxi airplane, digital version!

Note: if you still want to book a "classic" charter service, this is possible through the travel agency OpenFly Travel.


1 - What is a taxi airplane?

The principle of air taxi is very simple: the person wishing to travel calls an airline specialising in business aviation, which reserves an aircraft for him or her to fly according to his or her own requirements. The advantage of private aviation compared to commercial aviation is its flexibility: you decide on the place of departure, the time of departure, the route and the destination. No constraints imposed by the company, no multiple checks at the airport, no loss of time: with the air taxi, travel is optimized.

Taxi planes are often small light aircraft or private jets (the different types of aircraft listed on OpenFly are listed at the end of the article), which can travel quickly over short distances. These aircraft are therefore ideal for regional trips. They can take off and land on almost any runway and are not restricted to large airports like commercial aircraft. There are more than 450 airports and airfields in France and almost 4000 throughout Europe. This represents an almost infinite number of possible routes, most of these airport infrastructures are not currently served by commercial airlines. Very often, if you want to make a "region-to-region" journey, you have to go via a hub in a major city. But these connections are very often time-consuming and tiring...

With the health crisis and the closure of many regional routes, the situation has become even worse: travelling without a connection when living in a region has become almost impossible. Private aviation is a solution to this problem, as it allows airlines to be created on demand and as needed between any location with an airport or airfield.

4000 cities in Europe can be reached directly by private aviation, compared to only 300 by commercial aviation.

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2 - How much does an air taxi generally cost?

Very often, booking a plane taxi is expensive. Most of the time, you have to go through a broker who will take a commission on the flight.

The cost of renting a private plane varies according to the size of the plane, the model of the plane, its performance and the distance of the journey. In an article dedicated to this subject, we give you some examples of rates on trips already made using aircraft listed on OpenFly.

The advantage of OpenFly is that it offers aircraft for rent from airlines and also from private owners, who often charge very low rates compared to traditional business aviation. Aircraft rental rates start at around €300/hour and average around €700/hour for 4-seater aircraft such as a Piper JetProp.

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3 - Some examples of "air taxi" journeys made on OpenFly and their prices

Rental rates start at €300/hour and vary according to the type of aircraft chosen. As a general rule, the faster the aircraft and the larger its capacity, the higher the rental price. The rental price of the aircraft also depends on the distance of the journey and possible transport costs if the aircraft is not immediately near the traveller's departure airport.

OpenFly lists aircraft capable of taking off and landing from almost any runway in France and Europe, even the shortest ones or those with a grass surface. Pilots with specific qualifications to land at Courchevel and St Tropez, airfields with strong particularities, are registered on OpenFly.


Trip Aircraft type Number of passengers Flight time Total cost
Roundtrip in a day
Brest - Bilbao
Piper JetProp 4 1h27 2 182 €
(Or 545€ per passenger)
Roundtrip in a day
Toussus (Paris) - Courchevel
Piper Jetprop DLX 4 1h20 3 599 €
(Or 899€ per passenger)
Roundtrip in a day
Toussus (Paris) - Genève
Diamond DA-42 4 1h32 1 151 €
(Or 288€ per passenger)
Roundtrip in a day
Toussus (Paris) - Nice
TBM 850 4 1h52 4 250 €
Roundtrip in a day
Toussus (Paris) - Ibiza
Diamond DA-42 3 3h42

2 760€ (Or 920€ per passenger)

Multi-destination in one day
Lyon - Paris - Avranches - Lyon
Piper Mirage 4 Journée 2 954 €
Roundtrip in over 3 days
Epinal - Poznan
Piper Meridian 4 2h03 4 284 €
Roundtrip in a day
Merville - Valence
SR 22 3 2h06 2 197 €
Roundtrip in a day
Nevers - Cannes
Cessna 177 3 2h01 1 633 €
Roundtrip in a day
Brest - Exeter
Piper JetProp 4 0h55 1 077 €
Multi-destination in one day
Grenoble - Deauville - Reims
Piper Mirage 4 Journée 2 160 €
Roundtrip in a day
Rouen - Limoges
DA-62 5 1h30 2 890 €
Roundtrip in a day
Avignon - Dreux
Citation Mustang 4 1h15 5 580 €
Roundtrip in a day
Lorient - Luxembourg
Citation CJ1 4 1h18 6 790 €
Roundtrip in a day
Paris - Palma de Mallorca
TBM 910 4 2h10 4 751€ (Or 1 188€ per passenger)

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4 - How OpenFly is revolutionizing the way you rent a private plane?

OpenFly revolutionizes the way you rent a private plane. No more intermediaries, no more opacity: you get in touch directly with the owner of the plane you want to rent and a professional pilot.

Thanks to the OpenFly application, you can organise your own trip, easily, in a few clicks. Available on laptop, smartphone or tablet, this very intuitive application references more than 250 aircraft, from the 4-seater Cirrus SR22 to the 10-seater Pilatus PC12.

Piper Meridian, JetProp, TBM, Beechcraft, Cessna… All types of light aircraft from turboprops to private jets are listed on OpenFly.

OpenFly is changing the air taxi service by making it more accessible: it has never been easier to get in touch with professionals in the sector and aircraft can be rented at much lower rates than before.


Estimate the price of your trip with a private aircraft on OpenFly

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