Private plane or jet plane rental prices are split in two :

  1. Rental of the plane itself
  2. The professional pilot or crew’s services

A trip’s price estimate can vary depending on the following factors :

  • The desired plane model
  • Its routing distance (the platform’s planes are split between more than 90 airports, which can imply some routing to take the plane to the departure location)
  • The flight duration
  • The airport taxes (varying from airport to airport)
  • The pilot’s overnight fees for trips lasting more than a day

Renting a private plane is far more accessible today than one might think.

OpenFly was born from a will to make company owners, and their employees lives easier. Making business trips easier, helping people to meet, making commercial transactions easier : these are the main ambitions of our company.

To reach that ambition, we focused on making business aviation accessible to everyone, as a means of transportation which provides flexibility, security, and which answers today’s professionnals transportation needs. OpenFly’ prices are also lower than those traditionally associated with the usual actors of business aviation.

OpenFly allows you to get price estimates for your trips, thanks to its private plane flight calculator.

You can find below a few

price examples for private plane trips

our members have booked :

Route Plane Type Nbr of passengers Flight time Global cost
Round trip over a day
Brest - Bilbao - Brest
Piper JetProp 4 1h27 2 182 €
(Or 545€ per passenger)
Round trip over 3 days
Epinal - Poznan - Epinal
Piper Meridian 4 2h03 4 284 €
Round trip over a day
Merville - Valence - Merville
SR 22 3 2h06 2 197 €
Round trip over a day
Nevers - Cannes - Nevers
Cessna 177 3 2h01 1 633 €
Round trip over a day
Brest - Exeter
Piper JetProp 4 0h55 1 077 €
Multi-destination over the same day
Grenoble - Deauville - Reims
Piper Mirage 4 One day 2 160 €
Round trip over a day
Rouen - Limoges - Rouen
DA-62 5 1h30 2 890 €
Round trip over a day
Avignon - Dreux - Avignon
Citation Mustang 4 1h15 5 580 €
Round trip over a day
Toussus (Paris) - Nice - Toussus
TBM 850 4 1h52 4 250 €
Round trip over a day
Lorient - Luxembourg
Citation CJ1 4 1h18 6 790 €