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The private plane renting platform, accessible anywhere in France and Europe

Business Flying, finally made accessible!

  • Leave and come back whenever you want, wherever you want
  • An airport located less than 30km from your workplace or meeting
  • Freely plan your trips by choosing the plane and the professional pilot, with just a few clicks
  • Rethink your trips by organizing same-day multi-leg flights, or spread them over multiple days

Even with the internet, one out of two business flyers thinks human contact is still essential.

Join the OpenFly Club and fly bespoke.

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How it works

As a member of Club OpenFly, planning your professional travels is extremely simple: you leave when you want to, where you want to by using the closest airports to your departure and arrival locations.
Waiting in line, connections, and other traditional transport related stress are things of the past.
With OpenFly, you will finally be able to better use your time!

  • 1Become a Member
  • 2Plan your flight, choosing your departure and arrival locations, and your date and time, directly from the website
  • 3Choose your plane and professional pilot based on the prices and estimated flight durations
  • 4Finalize the details of your trip directly with your professional pilot
  • 5Fly, and adjust your departure time
    depending on your schedule!

Thanks to the OpenFly Club, get rid of:

  • Long check-in and boarding waiting lines -> Board as soon as you arrive at the airport!
  • Connections and transit times -> Fly directly from one point to another, whatever the departure or arrival location!
  • Stress and time constraints -> You decide your departure and arrival time!
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More than 2000 airports

accessible in Europe

“Congratulations to the OpenFly Team for their availability and advice, as a user at first, then as a potential airplane owner.”
Thierry Morter President of BABOU

They trust us